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22-Sep-10, 01:08
Just wanted to say that we went to the Norseman Hotel for the carvery a week ago and it was absolutely fantastic. A great price, friendly staff and I have never seen such a large and delicious choice of dishes for a carvery meal.


23-Sep-10, 14:52
Unfortunately judging by previous posts by WickLad08 this recommendation has absolutly no credibility whatsoever.

23-Sep-10, 14:58
True Jaykay, hopefully someone else will come on that is more believable.

Its a shame for the Noresman and the owners.

23-Sep-10, 17:03
i will complete back up that the norseman carvery is fantastic!!!:D
we've been several times with groups of friends who were all delighted.
not to mention a good feed for the price!!
dont let your thoughts of a poster tarr the name of a very good service.
welldone to the norseman x

23-Sep-10, 21:43
yes but check out the crap he has written before about his ex work place just sounds like sour grapes :lol:

26-Sep-10, 13:30
Lovely carvery at the Norseman, great value for money!! :)

26-Sep-10, 17:58
I regularly go to the Norseman for meals and the carvery is excellent. The food is so varied and tasty, staff are very friendly, and the atmosphere is good. It is a nice place to go to and the food is exceptional.

12-Aug-14, 16:10
i have also had many meals and social events at the Norseman and they have all been first class and value for money , great service from everybody that works there the Norseman is a credit to Andrew and his staff

13-Aug-14, 18:32
Norseman carvery is absolutely brilliant!