View Full Version : Lucy -Missing from Berridale

19-Sep-10, 21:25
Cats Protection have been notified of a cat missing from The Berridale area. Lucy, is two years old and closely resembles the ''Felix' cat. Lucy is timid with strangers. if you think you have seen Lucy, please contact Cats Protection on Tel No 0845 371 4217
Thank you

20-Sep-10, 22:11
We have been notified that Lucy is actually called Lulu and will also respond to the name Poodles.
Please let Cats Protection know if you should see Lulu in The Berridale area. Thank you

21-Sep-10, 01:10
hi where abouts in berriedale?have u tried up the badrinsary road seen a black an white cat up there

22-Sep-10, 22:34
Good news ! Cats Protection trap and very tasty superior prawns win the day - Lulu has been found !! Reunited with her very happy owners.
Many thanks for those who contacted CP to offer suggestions and best wishes for Lulu's safe return

22-Sep-10, 22:55
That is brilliant news!:D