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19-Sep-10, 18:23
I have a Hotpoint Aquarius FDW70 dishwasher and after I started it tonight an alarm is going off and the code AO1 is flashing. I consulted the manual and it is saying that it is the water loading solenoid valve malfunction alarm. Has anyone got any ideas what they are talking about

19-Sep-10, 19:33
Open the DW. Look in the front right or left corner of the tub.
You will see a plastic dome.
The float switch is directly underneath the dome.
Remove the toe kick plate and located the float switch from the bottom.
Sometimes they get stuck.
Jiggle it then try the wash cycle.
If that does not work, replace the float switch.

19-Sep-10, 21:00
DIYnot.com forum website is brilliant for any kind of dishwasher/washing machine/tumble drier faults.

20-Sep-10, 18:30
Thats it going again - had to tip it forward and let the water run out. Thanks for your help I got the answer from poppets suggestion:D

20-Sep-10, 18:56
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