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21-Jul-06, 00:30
This was taken today...ok yesterday... from the top of Morven......were you waving back?????? Maiden's pap looks so small from this angle!!:roll:

BTW It was a good rough walk up on the hottest and calmest day in caithness this year but the clegs were a killer...

21-Jul-06, 10:36
So that was you waving; sorry didn't recognise you!:lol:

Lovely view from up there; my daughter climbed it with her father, grannie and granddad and myself when she was four years old and we reached the top about nine o'clock at night. Wonderful atmosphere.

Thanks for the photie, good one!
Ann :)

21-Jul-06, 13:36
Crikey Ann what time did your daughter get back down? :)

Here is one that I took on the walk in from the car.


21-Jul-06, 13:48
It was an optical illusion but Scaraben looked higher than Morven.


21-Jul-06, 17:09
We all went down a lot quicker than we went up! We slid down on our bums on the grassy bits! Ann

21-Jul-06, 17:37
I love the photos Rheghead how long did it take you to climb to the top?

22-Jul-06, 12:02
I love the photos Rheghead how long did it take you to climb to the top?

We parked the car at Braemore lodge(near the new telephone box) and it took us exactly 2 hours to walk along the track and up to the top. There is no track on the mountain to speak of but the southern face is the easiest and less steep.
Strangely it is easier to walk up over the boulders than the heather.

As a piece of trivia it is interesting to find out what type of object has been placed at the top of the county...[para] :cool: probably the work of Ralph MacGregor