View Full Version : where to put my dog?

19-Sep-10, 11:48
we have to go away for 4 days in a few months and have no one who can watch our dog ozzy for us.

so this leads me to my question.....

having never used kennels before,

where would be a good kennels to put my boistreous boy (8 month old pup)?

what kind of prices do the charge?

19-Sep-10, 12:28
He will have to have all his jabs and kennel cough up to date.
And his record book with him.
I love ramscraigs at dunbeath.
It was 10 per night last year.
But its best to book as soon as can as it can get busy.

19-Sep-10, 15:22
Ramscraigs is the only decent kennels up here.

19-Sep-10, 16:19
I'll double that...!!!:D

19-Sep-10, 23:17
Banascol Kennels in Rogart, see thread.......


20-Sep-10, 17:46
We wouldn't go anywhere but Banscol Kennels. They are 9 per night and that is food provided if you wish.