View Full Version : Reay School Picture c1900

20-Jul-06, 05:33
Thanks to the Caithness web site, I was able to identify a school picture I have of my grandfather, David Menzies as being the Reay School House. There is a picture of Reay school in the old school picture section labelled ReaySchool c1900. I noticed that the backgroung matched the one I have, including something attached to the building that shows on the upper right side. Both pictures were taken by the same photographer, and this must have been the usual spot for taking the school pictures.

My grandfather, David Douglas Menzies taught at the schoolhouse from about 1899 to 1906. Prior to him, the teacher was John Gunn, who could be the teacheer in the photo posted.

I would be interested in hearing from the person who provided this other picture.

I tried to post the picture, but am not familiar with using a url to post pictures. I did email one to the Bill at this web site, so hopefully he will post it.

Jim Menzies