View Full Version : Christmas present problems?

14-Sep-10, 23:10
If you have problems thinking of Christmas presents for teenagers who play an instrument, how about a gift voucher for Studio Design (link to their website on the Music Forum) where they can play for an hour or two in a professional setting!

E-mail sound-design@live.com or telephone 07510017169

Kevin Milkins
14-Sep-10, 23:33
That sounds like an original idea, Torvaig.:Razz

15-Sep-10, 00:00
Yes, I think so too Kevin. I don't really "do" christmas but I know that shortly most people will be crying and tearing their hair out and spending money they can't afford over "celebrating" Christmas and wondering what to get their friends and relations who have everything! ;) Bah Humbug!

15-Sep-10, 10:37
An interesting idea for any kind of gift, christmas or birthday.

I usually give donations in lieu of Christmas gifts to The Vine Trust for their hospital ships up the Amazon. I know a few people who go on the trips and donate their time and skill and the money is put to good use.

Only buy a few gifts for very special people..............you know who you are!