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14-Sep-10, 21:10
can you please recommend a nice restaurant in wick area'ish,hubby has a urge for a big mixed grill!!

15-Sep-10, 10:41
We generally go to Wickers World at the harbour when we are dining in Wick. They do a superb all day breakfast, but can`t remember seeing a mixed grill on the menu. I have in the past asked for something not on the menu and it was no problem for it to be made for me, so worth an ask.

Thrumster Inn has a good reputation for food too.

Brown Trout in Watten serves up some lovely grub too.

Best steak we have ever had was at Halladale Inn at Melvich.....but of a trek from Wick, but worth it.

Wherever you end up, enjoy, and report back to us hungry orgers!

18-Sep-10, 00:10
seaview hotel john o groats is really good.
a fair feed at the keiss pub too.