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18-Jul-06, 13:56
I have bought Norton anti virus for my PC which I have installed. Can anybody tell me if I can also use the same disc to install it on my laptop?

Don't know if you can use it on two computers!!

Cheers in advance.

18-Jul-06, 16:32

If you've just bought one copy of Norton Anti-Virus then you can only install it on one computer at a time as you only have one licence. To also install it on your laptop you'll need to buy another copy!

18-Jul-06, 21:53
Thanks for the info, I thought that would be the case.

18-Jul-06, 22:57
Why don't you download the free AVG anti-virus from www.grisoft.com for your laptop. i find it is far better than Norton

18-Jul-06, 22:59
sorry should be www.grisoft.co.uk

19-Jul-06, 00:14
Going purely by the stats at Virus Bulletin, an independent malware advice site, Grisoft is one of the worst performers. Out of the total of 34 times it's entered it's scanner since 1998 it's failed on 21 of them - that's a 62% failure

Even Norton has a 15% failure rate!

See http://www.virusbtn.com (http://www.virusbtn.com/) for more information.

19-Jul-06, 07:21
I am just going by my own experience when i changed over and AVG found about 20 Norton had missed.

19-Jul-06, 12:29
Hi kwbrown,

Sorry. I didn't mean to appear like I was having a go at you at all!

I used to recommend Norton Internet Security (which includes oto customers until one day I had to install it for a customer still on dial-up. Out of the box the software required 15Mb of updates. And that was only the first pass. I thought what sort of application requires 15Mb of updates out of the box (other than Windows ;) but there's not a lot I can do about that!)

I started to find out more about the software and, without going into detail, it's slow, difficult to remove, not the best at detecting viruses and causes a lot of problems for a lot of people (which is not something you want to happen on a customers PC). I no longer recommend Norton to any customers. I looked around at a lot of the most popular scanners available and found one of the fastest, lowest memory usage and best detecting anti-virus scanners available (with awards and accreditations from numerous bodies to back me up). It also detects other types of malware that traditional anti-virus scanners don't. I now provide that to customers.

Anyway, this isn't an ad but an explanation and an apology. So sorry again

19-Jul-06, 13:28
I personally reccommend AVG to home users also as the best Free Anti virus but they also require to install an anti spyware application.

If your going to buy one i've always said McAfee but whats the point in paying for it when you can get avg for free.

I've used it on all pc's for 5 yrs with no problems except it needs a bit of tweeking to get it updating itself.

I've always removed the 3 month trial of Norton you get free with everything these days as far as i can see it's the only way getting customers to sign up by pushing it on them!

I've looked at that site and Grisoft has done well since 2005 maybe not exceptional before that but at least it's on track now. According to that Site Norton has a very good history so who knows?

25-Jul-06, 00:04
When I bought my p.c. two years ago I purchased Norton antivirus as well. I had nothing but trouble with Norton, causing p.c. to run r...e...a...l...l...y slow. I uninstalled it , reverted back to AVG free edition and zonealarm firewall and I have never had any problems since. I would put my life on the line for these two. Excellent!

25-Jul-06, 12:20
Hi 2little2late,

ZoneAlarm is an excellent firewall product. It's been around a long time now and has a good track record. From memory they produced a few dodgy versions over the years that caused a few problems to people but that was quite some time ago. From reviews and forums I've read a number of popple don't like it as it's a bit on the heavy side for resources. Can't comment on that myself.

Over the years I've used the e-Trust EZ Firewall (dreadful), Outpost Pro (excellent, solid and reliable but hugely complicated for non-techies), Comodo, McAfee (a bit like Nortons), Norton (I think enough's been said on Norton in here!), ZoneAlarm (was about 5 years ago when I last used it) was good and solid, and finally settled on Sunbelt Personal Firewall (which used to be Kerio Personal Firewall). It's an excellent product with a balance of being quiet enough to not bother you but at the same time letting you know the second something happens you need to know about.

Even if you've got a broadband router/modem with a built-in firewall it's always a good idea to have a PC one. The broadband one (if it's left in it's default state as most of them are) only stops incoming traffic, a personal firewall will stop trafiic leaving your PC and examine incoming traffic much more closely. The good ones also monitor your PC for unusual activity (such as an unknown application being started).

I disagree about AVG but it's an uphill battle criticising a free anti-virus product! It is better than nothing and better than some commercial anti-virus products.

27-Jul-06, 21:51
Try Nod32 antivirus as it is rated as the best on the market by the world's leading antivirus testing organizations.

27-Jul-06, 22:09
My laptop came with Norton preinstalled. How do I uninstall it? I can't find that option.

I much prefer McAfee, Norton is overcomplicated and interferes in nearly everything you try to do.

28-Jul-06, 02:06
Hi Dreadnought,

Did you try the uninstaller in the Add/Remove Programs and the uninstaller in the Norton folder?

28-Jul-06, 07:33
Hi Dreadnought,

Did you try the uninstaller in the Add/Remove Programs and the uninstaller in the Norton folder?

Hi BlueIvy, I eventually used CCleaner to remove it. Thanks for your suggestion though.