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12-Sep-10, 12:34
Breakfast yesterday... Absolutely fantastic! :)

12-Sep-10, 12:40
Breakfast yesterday... Absolutely fantastic! :)

100% agree!!!!

12-Sep-10, 13:28
Yep there food is lovely and there cheesecakes mmmm!!

12-Sep-10, 20:40
Mmmmm yeah, best all-day breakfast I've had bar none.

12-Sep-10, 20:51
There Macaroni cheese is to die for and my O/h loves the breakfast 100% yes yes yes its a lovely treat definatly one worth waiting for x

13-Sep-10, 21:00
Roulard :eek:

21-Feb-11, 22:16
Just wanted to say that I was there on Sat morning, and the cakes were fabulous! What a huge array of home baking there is to choose from. A very clean and friendly establishment!

21-Feb-11, 22:21
Yummee cheesecake ! can you take the food out or is it just eat in ?
Hubby asking what the breakfast consists of

21-Feb-11, 23:31
Eat in or take-away.

Breakfast was sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, tomato or beans, toast. Not sure if tea and flat black coffee was included. All freshly cooked to order.

22-Feb-11, 09:09
Only problem we have is the cakes are too big:lol:
The slice of choc cake I got on Saturday was 7 chocolate fingers deep!
And the girls struggled with their cakes (but had to get 2 rather than share).
Never had breakfast there, but, the lunches we have had were all good!