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Margaret M.
12-Sep-10, 02:01
.....are not a good mix. I usually scour the yard before I let them out to make sure there are no mushrooms but some got by me. On the Sunday night, Chessie started throwing up. I was up with her until 3:30 am and as soon as I got back into bed, Berkley started. On Monday, for the first time in the 5 years I've had them, they refused a meal.

They started eating boiled chicken breast and rice on Tuesday. By Thursday Berkely was doing much better but Chessie stopped eating again and was very lethargic. It is so hard to decide whether or not to take them to the vet but on Thursday afternoon I took Chessie in. They gave her a fluid injection and did a blood test to see if her liver had been damaged.

As I was waiting in the reception area, a couple came in and they were in tears. The man came over and sat beside me and said Chessie looked just like their wee doggie that had been put to sleep. They had come to pick her body up. I felt so sad for them. When the vet brought the box to them, we were all crying. It had to be so hard for them to see an almost identical dog so soon.

Chessie is fine and her blood test showed everything is fine. A $222 vet bill will encourage me to do an even more thorough job of finding those darned mushrooms.

12-Sep-10, 12:35
I am so glad Berkely and Chessie are okay now but you must have been so worried about them.

Thanks for the warning! The only mushrooms I see are if we are walking a field but, thankfully, Benjy isn't interested in them. Strange since he usually eats everything in his path!:confused

How sad for the poor couple who lost their doggie.:~(

12-Sep-10, 13:09
Thanks for warning people and I am so glad your dogs are ok, I recently read about a racing whippet taken seriously ill and it was thought she had gotten in to some mushrooms or toadstools, she went through a terrifying ordeal lost her sight, fits etc but believe it or not ok now.