View Full Version : Mowing the lawn

11-Sep-10, 19:24
I decided I needed some help with the lawn, so I brought in the big guns


Sadly even hired help can go on strike


11-Sep-10, 19:40
Ha ha. Looks like one of your mowers was full up!:lol:

Can you loan them out? They're lovely!:D

11-Sep-10, 20:12
Ha ha I threaten that the whole time but OH absolutely refuses to have big clodding prints in his garden. I have been known to shut them in the tiny front garden for a trim though - but they just eat the plants.

Love the going on strike though :)

11-Sep-10, 20:18
Lol too fat to move after all that chomping.:)

11-Sep-10, 20:45
Sonny had a go at the pampus grass, and Ziggy ate some orange flowers, but I'm sure they'll live through it.

I kicked them back to the park before dark and they're standing completely bemused and full.

11-Sep-10, 21:46
Fab photos! I use my rabbits and guinea pigs, but I think I need something more your scale!

11-Sep-10, 22:47
I put our 3 big horses on the drive last night to 'tidy' it up?? Found 3 extremely wide,bloated...but very content horses this morning and a trimmed driveway..now thats horsepower :lol:

11-Sep-10, 23:25
I just use the rabbits, but, might need a bigger run....
but they are selective in their chomping!

12-Sep-10, 07:24
need some horse power like yours our grass is getting long mower has packed in,2 fields to cut as well,i might need a herd od horses,:lol: