View Full Version : Stray collie found - East Mey

11-Sep-10, 15:46
We have found a collie bitch wandering on the main road this morning in East Mey. She is quite small, brown and white in colour, and short / smooth haired. She has 'typical' collie markings, but is quite distinctive as she is brown instead of the more normal black. She is wearing a red collar, but has no tag. Quite a friendly dog, a wee bit timid, but seems to have a lovely nature.
I have contacted the police, and spoke to the dog warden, but they are not available to pick her up at the moment, so I'll keep her here for the time being.
If anyone has lost her, or has any idea who she might belong to, give me a phone on 01847 851 645, 07900 934 341 or 07739 311 076

11-Sep-10, 16:27
have pmd u

11-Sep-10, 16:52
let us know hpw u get on with her!!!

12-Sep-10, 10:32
No luck yet - I still heave her here if anyone can help at all.
I'm still hopeful someone will realise their dog is missing, but starting to fear the worst now......

12-Sep-10, 12:37
Well done for taking her in and really hope her owner comes forward soon.

12-Sep-10, 19:23
Thats her away home. A lady from up the road phoned a wee while ago and came to collect her. She must have been the only neighbour we didn't phone yesterday!! Never mind, at least she's back home safe and sound now.

12-Sep-10, 20:24
I bet the lady was very relieved to have her doggy back and that you had been so kind to take her in and look after her.:)

12-Sep-10, 22:35
That is such great news and good for you for keeping the dog safe and making the reunion possible.:D