View Full Version : congrats sanny

15-Nov-01, 23:02
well done! Watch out... they can get REALLY annoying, they're very good at taking a joke too far!

18-Nov-01, 00:13
thank you Am,didnae think i was doin' just so weel. it's taken a bit o time tae come to terms wae it, xitement & a that ye ken.

here's hopin' i can keep a'e standard as high as ye've set(discipline an' multi-function,as weel as sharp q's)

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18-Nov-01, 19:22
Ach! It's easy, and ye'll be fine! Just dunnae let them think that they're any better than ye are - truth be told, half of them ain't... you all know who I'm talking about [lol] [lol] :lol: muahaha