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10-Sep-10, 14:14
I was just wondering if anyone had bought anything from Hush in Thurso and what its like?
I need an outfit for a wedding and keep thinking about going in there. However from what i have seen from just looking in the window most of the stuff looks to be quiet small sized and expensive looking and well i'm too frightened to go in, in case its too expensive and i feel guilty for not buying something! :D
Also the one person i know who went in there said she was told they would have nothing that fitted her as soon as she walked in :roll:
Any help would be appreciated, thank you :D

10-Sep-10, 14:28
Think most things go up to a size 14 and range from 40 ish upwards.

10-Sep-10, 15:07
OH's niece was thrilled with the dress she got for her school end of term bash earlier this year, and this is a very style-conscious 15-year-old who lives in the south of England with a huge range of shops to choose from and is going to college to study fashion.

She was less impressed with her grandmother saying 'That's a lovely top dear'!

20-Sep-10, 20:46
After reading your thread i thought a quick reply was needed, hush sizes vary from label to label and style. The dresses start at size 8 and go to size 14 and the tops and knitwear again vary and start and size 8 and go to size 16. The manequins are only a size 8/10 so i cant dress them in a size 14 :). The prices start at around 15 and upwards.
Hush also sells bags, footwear and jewellery, theres usually something for most ages and tastes.
Dont be affraid to come in you dont have to buy anything just call in and have a look!

20-Sep-10, 22:17
Can I just say, I walk past Hush often and the clothes which I have seen in the window are truly beautiful.

22-Sep-10, 15:19
I have been in this shop but wish they sold slightly larger sizes as clothes are lovely. We dont have enough clothes shops up here unfortunately. Also like to say assistant in Hush is very nice.

22-Sep-10, 18:22
two expensive go to the internet chose from that better choice

22-Sep-10, 19:51
Hi i have bought dresses and tops from hush - they are sooo beautiful and the service is fantastic the ladys other half owns the picture box and he is also luvly... The clothes are great to wash and look just fab on, there are fitting rooms in the shop and the lady keeps a wee book of who bought what and which occassion they are wearing it to - just incase someone else buys the same dress for the same night out - great idea - and you won't get service like that on-line !!! xxx