View Full Version : Smokey presents...Eau de Gannet!

09-Sep-10, 18:04
Smokey is proud to present the scent every dog-about-beach should be wearing in Caithness this autumn - Eau de Gannet!


For the full one-minute video campaign(!) please see:

Red, not to be outdone, found a very dead gull which she ate, along with a lovely mixture of kelp, sheep poo, grass and her breakfast. Carpet shampoo was required...

09-Sep-10, 20:44
ewwww... why do they do that!

09-Sep-10, 21:07
mmm I just love the smell of dead bird on my pooch!! .... eh not!!!!!!!! Shame its animal curelty to put a dog in the dishwasher... Gets rid of all sorts. haha

09-Sep-10, 22:32
Loved the video and watching the good vigorous rolling!!!!! One very happy doggy, even if a tad smelly.....Brilliant.:D

09-Sep-10, 23:22
My old GSD did that on a decomposing fox once on Chiselhurst Common,it absoloutly stunkso I chucked her in the pond to wash her off.

10-Sep-10, 03:33
ewwww... why do they do that!

It's a race memory thing. When they were predators, to disguise their own scent!;)