View Full Version : Ballet shoes?

08-Sep-10, 22:19
Does anywhere in Caithness sell and fit ballet shoes?
I would need shoes to fit a toddler size 8 and maybe a size 4 (normal shoe size).

08-Sep-10, 22:59
jill kingdon the dance teacher sells them.

08-Sep-10, 23:05
Thats ok!
We are going to the class on sat...and was thinking of getting shoes before she goes so she has the same as everyone else!

08-Sep-10, 23:18
She sometimes has a few pairs in stock other option is ebay for quick delivery

mum of three
10-Sep-10, 21:15
I got my daughters ballet shoes in DE in Thurso.

11-Sep-10, 21:49
Lauren was a bit quiet in the class today.....
But then raved about it at granny and grandas!
So we will be going back...I might have to disappear though, as, if im not there she cannot go all shy and run to me.
So will give it a couple more lessons before commiting to buying shoes as a lot of the wee girls are barefoot...but lots have the "pink" leotards and tights thing going!

11-Sep-10, 22:05
...but lots have the "pink" leotards and tights thing going![/quote]

No-one said anything, wonder if pink is the chosen colour or could we use another colour saw the older ones come in with blue on.

11-Sep-10, 22:17
:lol:think its the chosen colour by little girls....:lol:
Lauren is pink mad...and hello kitty mad...if only I could combine the 2...pink hello kitty ballet outfit???
I really liked the blue leotard personally ... but...it may have to be pink....as that is what ballerinas in the books and Angelina ballerina wears!

12-Sep-10, 08:54
Pink leotards are what you will need for beginners. Blue is for the Grade 1 dancers who were with Jill last year.
I would leave it a couple of weeks before you go and buy anything but if you ask Jill next week she'll keep you right.
As for where to get ballet shoes - I use rainbow dancewear in Aberdeen. You can phone them for advice and order through their website - delivery is free,