View Full Version : W & d ross hardware

08-Sep-10, 15:48
Just nipped into the hardware shop (next to riverside replicas) for a nose - hadnt been in since it opened. Cant believe how much stuff they have now, from lights, work clothes, tools the lot. Prices are good too.

Well worth a look!

08-Sep-10, 16:42
It`s my first port of call for anything for the house or garden. Also much cheaper than their rivals.

08-Sep-10, 18:02
I got a lovely lampshade there last week and not too pricey either :D

16-Sep-10, 23:21
My first port of call when I need anything for DIY or gardening. So much better value than Homebase. :)

17-Sep-10, 00:09
I bought a petrol mower at the start of last year branded; Northern Industrial Machines (I think) 120. Better than half the price I'd seen elswere for the same power and size. I mow an acre every week so I thought it would just last a season. Still going strong, starts first time, never missed a beat and I have only just sharpened the blade for the first time. Well pleased :D

26-Sep-10, 21:38
I bought a battery hydrometer there for 2 with a lifetime guarantee. :)