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08-Sep-10, 13:02
Hi there,

My car is in need of a full valet top to bottom, inside and out. Does anyone know someone locally who is reasonably priced to do such a thing?

It is a red car too so the paint has faded a bit so need someone to do this too.

Tried doing it myself but it seems to fade again after 2 days.

Any help would be good - Cheers, Kev.

08-Sep-10, 13:24
Check out the recommentations section Kev.

08-Sep-10, 16:00
ok will do. Thanks :)

08-Sep-10, 17:36
Pm upolian for Car Valeting he gets a lot of good comments on here about his quality of work

08-Sep-10, 18:00
Martin @ Overloch does a brilliant thorough job.

01955 60 9150

08-Sep-10, 18:05
Replied to your pm kev,most people will opt for you to hand polish the fading out,it won't last very long hand polishing as stated in the pm,the paint needs treated and sealed from uv rays or the pigments in the paint will just go bizarre again resulting in the red fading,i have 3 vauxhall corsa panel's here that were faded almost white in colour!!I've brought them back to life and they will remain that way,so whatever you choose to do make sure the paint is brought back to a good level,a proper sealent that keeps the pigments saturated & and a very good protectant is applied,otherwise as stated the fading will return in no time :(

14-Sep-10, 16:09
Just a quick picture for you kev,this is my demo panel to show what can be done :)