View Full Version : QUIZ 16th JULY at 8.30pm

16-Jul-06, 10:58
Hope you can all manage to come along. See you there.

16-Jul-06, 14:16
I'm looking forward to it.

16-Jul-06, 14:43
ill try and make it i have got some packing to do though :D

kaz xx

16-Jul-06, 15:21
I'll try to be there. (now, where did I place my best brain? Must be round here someplace).

Youn neep - you can't be packing, you've got school! Oh yeh, you break up early in Scotland. We'ver got another week to go.:~(

17-Jul-06, 04:15
Foxy, thank you for a great quiz. Sorry I had to object so often. I was just filling in for acameron. It is part of the routine and it keeps the quizzie vibrant!

Because I had to leave early I need to ask "who won?"

17-Jul-06, 08:39
Ricco won so he is quizmaster next Sunday. :D

17-Jul-06, 13:46
Ooh! A novice quizmaster! Just think what we might be able to get away with! Remember it is sulphur!