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07-Sep-10, 10:35
We went to the Blue Door Cafe not long after it opened and cant say we liked it much, they didnt offer much at the time. But can understand when they havent been open long, although they could have done more, but that was then?

We decided on Saturday that we would give it another go, we arrived there for lunch, and when we pulled up we thought it looked closed, so I went round and looked at the opening times, it said they are open saturdays and should have been when we were there? But the door was locked, and couldnt see anyone inside. We then spotted a man doing the flower beds, and asked him was the cafe to be open he said not today but will be next saturday, giving that I was annoyed I said dont worry we wont try the place again.

How annoying, we gave them a 2nd chance and we wont be giving them another, its a shame as they have a good location and could do alot more. I think that maybe they should look after the what they have as locals will be there source of income through the winter as the caravan park is closed.

In the end we enjoyed a great lunch at Tempest

07-Sep-10, 19:53
This might answer why it was shut......

Thank you y'all for your patience last week while the diner was shut...had to take advantage of the last remaining bits of summer and get the roof taken care of else it could have been a damp winter INSIDE the diner! We're all good now, though. And lookin' forward to seeing everyone soon

07-Sep-10, 20:34
There was no sign of any roofers we had seen them in through the week, but all tables were set up etc, a sign on the door or explanantion might have been the idea.

07-Sep-10, 20:39
Just posting what I found somewhere else that might have explained why it was shut.

08-Sep-10, 07:56
yes it is true she was having work done on roof as her friend told me.

08-Sep-10, 08:53
Worked on roof all last week. I have a clear view of the building from the front of the house................ that`s why the chips don`t get cold on the way home with them on a Friday tea time.

08-Sep-10, 11:55
Thats funny.
I have always loved lunch in there!
I admit I havent been in often because im not often in Thurso, but its lovely and relaxed.
And even I knew the roof was being done:)
Surely that maintenance that has to be done on the pavillion takes priority over opening...so the cafe can be open in the winter time?
Its good to know they are taking care of the building so its ready for winter otherwise it would be cold and damp.

08-Sep-10, 16:44
Glad I wasn`t seeing things Dadie. You have put my mind at rest.