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06-Sep-10, 23:05
Hi all.

Have decided to help other businesses in my free time with website optimisation. I have spent many years learning the ropes in my venture to optimise my own website www.highlandtackle.co.uk (http://www.highlandtackle.co.uk) and now started working with friends and work collegues websites after them witnessing my results.

I have been working on ranking websites highly on Yahoo and Google for generic keywords, although this process does take time (the more generic and popular the search string – the longer the time) I think my results speak for themselves.

For my own website I wanted to rank highly in generic keywords such as;

1) Boat Fishing tackle - Currently im position 1 page 1 on yahoo.co.uk & position 2 page 1 on google.co.uk

2) Sea fishing tackle - Currently im position 3 page 1 on yahoo.co.uk & floating between page 1 and 2 of google.co.uk which im still working on.

As you may agree this is quite an achievement as currently my small fishing tackle shop is ranking higher than some fishing megastores such as Veils mail order, sea angler magazine etc. This makes a huge difference in the sales, turnover and profit, generated from the website. Not to mention increasing the value of the website itself.

Recently one of my work collouges who runs a popular music festival in Aberdeenshire - Wizzard Festival asked me to have a look at his website optimisation, He ranked highly when you typed his name "Wizzard festival" into one of the search engines but wanted further reach and wanted to rank highly with the more generic search string "Scottish Music festival" after making some modifications to the actual website and providing some guidance to his web designer, some link building and submission he is now ranked;
Page 1 position 3 on both yahoo.co.uk and google.co.uk
Just under T in the park but above Wickerman – Both huge Scottish music events!

If you are interested in me carrying out some work on your website – Please send me a PM with your website URL and what keyword, words or search strings you would like to be ranked higher, along with your contact details. I am proposing to charge on a monthly basis rather than a one off fee, as this enables me to carry on optimising different search strings on your behalf as well as maintaining the search strings I have already completed for you. As you may appreciate optimisation is an ongoing task and requires hours of work every month. Once you are happy with your rankings the monthly fee would then drop to allow me to just maintain your rankings at their current levels.

Don’t hesitate to PM me with any questions,where i will get back to you ASAP.

08-Sep-10, 11:28
I have sent you a PM.

08-Sep-10, 20:08
Hi there I have just sent you a PM .

Alana Alexander
www.divasanddudes.org.uk (http://www.divasanddudes.org.uk)
Baby & Kidswear Boutique
Nipster Farm

Tel: 01955 661200.

08-Sep-10, 20:15

Thanks for all the PM's was not expecting so much interest. I will get back to you all, please just excuse me if it takes me a couple of days to reply to everyone.


15-Sep-10, 23:09
Thanks for all enquiries so far.

Think ive responded to everyone now, so if you need any help with your site send me a pm where i will talk to you further.


27-Oct-10, 06:14
Still got spaces if anyones interested?