View Full Version : Homebase Deliveries Not Recommended

butterfly girl
06-Sep-10, 15:52
That's a joke, we ordered a bathroom from Homebase and were quoted 4-6wks delivery.
Heard nothing so phoned and were told that it was only being shipped out end of Sept and then onto a courier who would contact us for a delivery date,which by the way is not going to be within the quoted date.Phoned customer services and guess what,passed to 3 different departments."having a stock issue". well they should'nt take orders if they dont have the stock.
Got so annoyed emailed the managing director and guess what, he passed the buck to someone else,who was no help.
Decided to cancel the order,guess what they wont even let you cancel over the phone,you have to go into the store and cancel.
Anyone else having problems,i have an email address,name and tel number to complain to.

06-Sep-10, 15:58
Was on first name terms with the regional manager with the kitchen fiasco.
I had bits arriving every week and getting rejected for being damaged.
My aunt had a fight with them over a loo and sink that didnt arrive when it was supposed to and when it did it was broken (toilet pans are not supposed to be jigsaw puzzles) ...dont know how many she sent back.....but it wasnt one or 2!