View Full Version : Karate classes

05-Sep-10, 20:51
I have a 6yr old boy who is desperate to start karate or likewise in Thurso, does anybody know of such classes?

05-Sep-10, 21:05
my nephews go to the one in miller academy every mon - wednesday and friday i think

think its Kath Smith who runs it

06-Sep-10, 13:57
what times are the classes on as i have a 6 year old too who i want to start in the karate class. I did hear before that there was a class in the legion on a tues and thurs but that was before the school hols. not sure if this has changed and again i dont know times. can anyone answer my query?

06-Sep-10, 16:07
Miller Academy Monday, Wednesday and Friday the first class starts at 6pm. It is Kathy Smith that takes them.