View Full Version : Urinals without water

catherine nicol
15-Jul-06, 02:54
At the newly refurbished Queens Hotel, Wick.

You need to see to believe coz they are unreal.

Cheers Shaz And Ped for daring to do the unknown, and in Wick.

Love ya both

Thanks for tonight. magic

Rin and Richard xxxxx

21-Jul-06, 19:36
Didn't quite manage to see "the urinals" - but I believe they're something else !!
and Yeah, thanks for a great night, and what a spread - your both amazing XX

22-Jul-06, 02:20
Hey, I sold them the urinals, Every home should have one, PM your orders.......lol

22-Jul-06, 19:39
Before ordering could we see a picture ?

25-Jul-06, 07:58
Is Catherine Nicol a pseudonym for 'George Michael' ?