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04-Sep-10, 10:51
Having been forced to consider purchasing a different style of suite I was almost at my wits end, but determined not to be fobbed off with something I couldn`t live with for the rest of my life...............

Stepped into A & D`s at the Harbour in Thurso and was transported back in time to excellent choice..............."if we haven`t got it we can order it for you" and customer service second to none.

We have a difficult access.............no problem.

The new furniture has to come in the living room window............no problem.

We need the old suite into storage for its new owner..........no problem.

The call came to say the furniture was in stock a fortnight before we expected it to even leave the factory and a time was made for the delivery slot to us. As we live in Caithness time zone we were delighted when David and mate turned up on time, good attitude, everything set up for us and everyone happy.

Pricewise they were amazing as the same settee alone in Inverness was a third dearer with delivery on top, and had we ordered online direct from the manufacturer the prices were a little more expensive, but the delivery costs through the roof.

A lot of the suites on show are just one example of the range available in catalogues and swatches are available. Our furniture combo was from Alstons and was chosen from the catalogue alone, and it is just perfect for our requirements.

Thank you David and all the team for a brilliant attitude to customer service at the right price.