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01-Sep-10, 23:30
Hello, wanted to recommend Kate Buchanan the Humanist in Thurso, Kate carried out our wedding recently and made it such a wonderful day she makes it so personal and as she is such a lovely person makes it a very stressless day, i cant recommend Kate highly enough and also Humanist weddings they truely are wonderful and very moving

01-Sep-10, 23:55
Well done Kate, and congratulations type2bus.

02-Sep-10, 12:23
We have Kate booked for our wedding next year and are looking forward to it very much :D

The Happy Humanist
03-Sep-10, 22:12
Thank you so much for posting.... if you are who I think you are, it was an absolute joy to conduct your wedding and I wish you all the best.
Anyone interested in Humanist weddings should look at the website of the Humanist society for more information: http://www.humanism-scotland.org.uk I'm always happy to have a chat too, you can find my contact details on the website.

Along with the Registrar and people who work in the wedding industry, my colleauge , Penelope and I will be attending the wedding fayre in Wick on Sunday and can answer any of your questons.

Thanks again type2bus!

23-Jan-12, 00:03
delighted to hear this!
kate will be at our wedding this june, and i've heard nothing but good reports!!
must admitt though, i am struggling with the content of the ceremony :/ so any suggestions welcomed!!