View Full Version : Wanted: Dog walker in Halkirk

01-Sep-10, 09:05
I'll be moving to Halkirk end of September.

Will have to look for work once I get there but would like to arrange for a dog walker in advance.

Have a 2y/o male greyhound who needs a walk during lunch time at around 12.30pm Mon - Fri. Looking to pay 20 per week.

Will be in Halkirk this weekend.

Any replies please pm me. Thanks.

01-Sep-10, 17:11
Shame I'm not that side of the country! I do dog walking, and I also have greyhounds, they could have played!!

07-Sep-10, 22:37
There used to be a girl in Comlifoot Terrace that did it, don't know if she's still doing it though.

08-Sep-10, 06:59
thanks for your message.

guess you cannot give me any details? this is quite vague.