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31-Aug-10, 21:36
Fancy trying something different?
Then why not try Clay Pigeon Shooting.
From the complete Novice to the Professional.
Stag Days, Birthdays or Corporate Days
Everything is caterered for.
For more info or to book
contact Gordy on 01847 831543
or e-mail csgs.gordy@btinternet.com

31-Aug-10, 22:23
how much and how old do you have to be?

03-Sep-10, 10:50
Where About Are You?

03-Sep-10, 14:58
Funny story...
When I first came to Canada, 40 years ago, I was in Court and heard the case of a man who had been charged with shooting pigeons 'Out of Season'.. A Provincial Law....a minor one!
During the trial it was discovered that it was 'Clay Pigeons'......skeet shooting....
So this was presented to the Justice of the Peace, who was not a Lawyer, totally deaf and about 80 years of age.....
At the conclusion of the trial the J.P. found the man Guilty....with this statement....Pigeons is Pigeons and I find yees Guilty! Education was not a factor here!

03-Sep-10, 20:25
I had a day out clay pigeon shooting a couple of years back. Absolutely loved it.........never hit a damn thing though...lol. Still, it was good crack and I would definitely be keen to do it again.

03-Sep-10, 21:40
Thanks for your replies.

Clays are good fun (Biased I know) but people get a great buzz when they hit them.

I do the clays at my parents farm at Balbeg, Spittal just off the Westerdale road.

Or as I have a mobile system and if you have your own ground I can come to you dependant on a site survey first though, where I would asses the suitability of the ground and produce a risk assessment.

04-Sep-10, 10:24
How much per person do you charge to come out and shoot ?

15-Sep-10, 20:41
Bump to top

15-Sep-10, 22:20
Myself and 5 others did a shoot with Gordon last Saturday as part of my Stag (the other part was getting tied to a pick-up and 'blackened') and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

With us all being complete novices he done an excellent job of explaining the sport, the kit, the Health and Safety aspects and ensuring we had a varied introduction to Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Each of us fired off about 30 shots , covering 6 different disciplines of the sport. We had a bit of a bet on it to make it a little more competitive and Gordon done a brilliant job of giving us varying levels of difficulty to ensure it was tight to the end.

All in all, an absolutely brilliant morning out a Balbeg; a lovely location with a top class service provided.