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31-Aug-10, 21:31
OK I have a query re vaccinations for goats, I was told to give my goat heptivac injection but the one without the P but vet doesn't have and would have to specially order it and you have to take a whole bottle, I have only 2 small pygmy goats and cannot see the sence in buying a whole bottle, so I am looking to see if others have the same problem of not needing a whole bottle and propose to share a bottle if there is demand for this. Am going to spot on and panacur them aswell so will have spare of both of these too! Perhaps I am going about this all wrong and there is a logical solution....I am open to ideas from the floor!

puffin croft
01-Sep-10, 11:49
no its a good idea kathy! i already share with someone but i m sure someone else could join u! it makes sense!

01-Sep-10, 20:41
I understood that the pygmy goat club advise to use Lambivac, do the vets not stock that as standard?

01-Sep-10, 21:16
My pygmy goat breeder, had previously vaccinated them with a dose of heptivac...no P, she is a well respected breeder of various types of goat and instructed me to do the same...I have however found that the P less one no longer exists so planning the lamivac. Seems very few drugs are available to goats.

01-Sep-10, 21:47
Very few are licensed for goats Kathy but Lambivac is certainly suitable, have used it for years

puffin croft
01-Sep-10, 21:52
yes its lambivac that i share with my friend,vets will just tell u the drugs are suitable for sheep and u have to take yr chances on yr goat!

02-Sep-10, 22:34
We dont vaccinate at all, i did spot on them and i have wormed my pygmy's but dont use anything else my boys are both healthy and share grazing with our sheep and horses. Hope this helps x