View Full Version : Opinions Please - Tiles or Wet Wall for a Shower Cabinet?

30-Aug-10, 15:43
Tiles need to be re-grouted and possibly removed if the woodwork is wet behind it.

What do you all think of wet wall? Is it any good? Pros and cons? Any advice would be much appreciated.

30-Aug-10, 15:52
There is no difference in water proofing abilities unless obviously your grout has failed lol. It depends what effect you like i prefer tiles but they are abit more work to upkeep. The wet wall is going to protrude from the original wall I have seen people not being able to use their taps because of badly fitted wet wall. You can get a proffesional finish using both as long as you've done abit of joinery or tiling before hand.

30-Aug-10, 15:58
I had wetwall in my bathrooms and had it removed - silicone does not like to stick to it so it is hard to get a watertight seal. Have replaced with tiles. Still have wetwall in one shower and as I said the silicone keep breaking away, I've had to reseal it several times so far and having to do it again this week!
Id go for tiles evertime........

30-Aug-10, 16:07
Have to say that I do prefer the look of tiles. Even if I have to scrap existing tiles, I am swaying towards new tiles. Existing grout is ten years old so if I can get another ten years out of the new grouting, I would be quite happy. Thanks for the opinions so far, keep them coming in.....

30-Aug-10, 16:52
Both showers in my house have wet wall, fitted before I moved in, and it seems absolutely fine so can't see it should be a problem if fitted properly and much easier to clean than tiles apart from not needing re-grouting.

30-Aug-10, 23:13
we have wetwall in both bathrooms, fantastic stuff!
no grubby grout, and easily removed if you want to change it :D

31-Aug-10, 13:05
We had our tiles removed and replaced with wet wall and are absolutely delighted with it!

Looks much better, is easier to clean and will last a lot longer. Of course this only applies if it is fitted properly and I would highly recommend Charles Sutherland, the joiner. as he made a fantastic job of ours.

31-Aug-10, 13:43
We have wet wall in our ensuite, its great, so easy to keep clean

01-Sep-10, 15:07
we had plowmans do around our bath, from bath to ceiling on three walls,we used lino and they use a special adhesive,its so easy to clean just a wipe down, no seams or joins as its all one piece, we thought at first when we were told about it, that we were being wound up, but no it seems its very popular , just another idea for you