View Full Version : horse riding (HW)

29-Aug-10, 17:41
hiya guys,
thought i would try again!
if anyone has a HW and would like to give lessons.. im still looking a couple years on!!! still cant get down to 13 st!!!!
very comfy around horses.. just need time on one!!!
if anyone can help thats not too far away let me know!

23-Sep-10, 07:47
Me too, can't get under 17 stone :lol:

I used to ride big Irish Cobs and Hunters at Tower Farm in Edinburgh.
Mrs D too but she is normal size!:eek:

25-Sep-10, 01:31
does anyone know where i can go to go horse riding? i havent done it since i was in n.ireland living and volunteering for the riding for the disabled, i live on the Lyth/Canisbay road oh and how much is it to go horse riding too

17-Oct-10, 19:30
natalie with horsin around in in lyth.. her number is on the org under entertainment i think.. or buisness under outdoor activities.

23-Oct-10, 10:28
natalie is a good horse riding coach as i went to ride with her for a few months i would recomend her :) good luck all who are looking for horse riding lessons x