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Bill Fernie
29-Aug-10, 12:08
If you are setting up a Caithness business there is no better place to start than right here on the web site and its FREE.

You can get your FREE page and put up your full contact details and information about your business in minutes.

All you need to do is complete the Submission form at http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/submit_details.php

We will check the details and confirm your entry usually within 24 hours.

You can have changes by made by emailing us details and a photo if you want to brighten the page up.

For any business old or just starting up a FREE page on our site may be the easiest, cheapest and best entry you will ever make. The Business Index gets up to 10,000 look-ups each day. So make sure you are in there.

Google Banner Ads - Not Free but you choose the amount to spend - it's easy
If you want wider coverage and linking to your FREE page or indeed your own web site we are now encouraging the use of Google banner ads - one of the cheapest forms of internet advertising. Just go to www.google.com/adwords and you can set up banner ads to circulate on the Caithness.org group of web sites and others in this locality. Its cheap and you can be up and running quickly. Caithness.org and the related sites recently passed the 1.5 million banner ad shows per month and the number is rising fast due to the hit rate on Caithness.org Due to the success of Google ads on our site we no do our own banner ads and are gradually running them down. but you can get your banner on easily via the Google set up cover the area for very low cost.

Bill Fernie
29-Aug-10, 12:20
Big business has used the press release for many years to gain free publicity for their company and products.

Now with the internet any business can do it.

At Caithness.org we are offering to run stories about new businesses and new products or offerings completely FREE if you send us your information.

All you need to do to get more free advertising about a new business or aspect of your business is to write two or three paragraphs ready for us to use and we will add this to the business news in the Business index www.caithness-business.co.uk

Now every business in Caithness or Sutherland can get information about the business, new products and services out there at ZERO cost just by sending details to bill@caithness.org

We have been doing this for nearly 10 years but we know there is much more going on in the business community than we get to know about. So here is your chance - just email us and we will add the article. Attach a photo if you can to make your item stand out.

We will also link your article/item to your FREE page so it will remain working for you perhaps for years to come. So a few minutes spent making your information available - for FREE - may pay dividends and you can.

Is it too good to be true. Well yes it is good and it is true - we have done it for years but we think not enough local businesses take advantage of it.

Remember the more information we have the more coverage all local businesses will get and the more we get clicks the more our banner ads get shown and the more we can earn to pay for it - hopefully we are helping you and you are helping us.

Increase your business profile with a short article in the next few weeks and see how it helps. All we ask is that it is reasonably well written and spelling etc has been checked.

And we are open to suggestions to help any Caithness or Sutherland business via our web sites.

Emails to bill@caithness.org