View Full Version : the most annoying films!

25-Aug-10, 16:21
here's a "what grinds my gears" moment for us all to have a good rant!

what is the most annoying film you've had to endure and why does it annoy you so much?

is it just the tacky storyline?

the awful accents?

the hammy actors?

or the low budget "special effects"

(ps. this thread is prompted by my son sitting glued to "the mask" lol)

25-Aug-10, 17:33
The krays
the sound of bloomin music.

25-Aug-10, 18:41
That Mothman thingy or whatever it was called.

25-Aug-10, 18:44
anything disney

25-Aug-10, 18:50
the last airbender. 2 hours of my life i cant get back

only good bit the kid a couple of rows in front copying all the moves. he was a class act.

25-Aug-10, 19:33
Anything with John Wayne & a horse.

25-Aug-10, 21:15
Cable Guy!!!!!

25-Aug-10, 21:40
Blazing saddles.

25-Aug-10, 21:44
facebook movie,when it's out...

25-Aug-10, 22:11
A lot of these are only the BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!!

26-Aug-10, 09:06
i can't stand steve martin or jim carey they're just too goofy!!

and the special effects in jaws 3 leave an awful loy to be desired! ha ha ha
shark comes in for kill then suddenly big rubber shark mouths man lol

28-Aug-10, 11:23
Rock n Rolla by Guy Ritchie still waiting for something interesting to happen in it. I keep thinking I fell asleep and missed bits!

30-Aug-10, 15:58
A lot of these are only the BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!!

Agreed, you have listed all the best films made!

08-Sep-10, 12:26
The worst movie ever has to be Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth".

It definitely has a tacky storyline and awful actors. Also fun to play "spot the errors" which there are a lot of!

11-Sep-10, 21:50
Open Water

What a waste of, well, everything. Life watching it, the film makers time, producers, actors etc. etc.

Went to the picture house to see this, ended up with a banging headache 'cos of the bobbing up and down of the shoot.
The entire filum spent about pointless twittering of two people bobbing about in the water before they ended up deadded.

Lost in Translation

Yes it most certainly was.

11-Sep-10, 22:02
Blair witch

Can't honestly say if its a good plot or not as the moving camera imagery just gave me a migraine within the first few minutes, so not got a clue what its even about. grrrrr

12-Sep-10, 08:42
also cloverfield.

what a load of crap!!

build up takes far too long, shot awfully, dont see "the monsters" and it just ends!!

what a wastle of a tenner that was :roll: