View Full Version : Logitec G25 wheel

21-Aug-10, 22:44
Anyone have one one of these wheels ?

Some feedback on what its like ?

Or have one for sale


22-Aug-10, 15:33
Yes I do!! They are absolutely awesome!!! It brings a whole new dimension to racing games.

The feedback is nice and strong but you have to make sure you connect it to a good strong desk or your whole desk starts to shake :)

It has paddles for gears but I reconfigure them to a handbrake and boost (depending on game) as the gear stick is far better. Using the clutch along with the gears just makes it feel like driving a normal car but FASTER.

TOP TIP: Dont use this steering wheel for hours and then jump into your 'real' car!

The next step after getting one of these is upgrading your gcard/montior to 3D ;)

22-Aug-10, 18:33
I'm using the logitec force gt for GT5, Rfactor and iracing just want something with a larger wheel :) also miss the clutch pedal

22-Aug-10, 19:30
Yeah the wheel has a good feel to it!

They are quite hard to come by these days though. I dont know if they have stopped making them or what.

The only downside to it is that it doesnt work with the xbox 360 :( If only!