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02-Jul-04, 16:26
1st day of school hols and the kids are driving me mad only 42 days until they go back!

02-Jul-04, 22:24
2nd day of school hols :D only 41 days til the kids come back and drive me mad!

03-Jul-04, 00:11
I had to smile at this one. Enjoy your holidays Sassylass - you deserve it! And to larcc - I hope the weather holds as good as it was today - and the kids will be able to spend most of the summer outside. Happy holidays both :cool:

03-Jul-04, 10:26
I know how you are suffering.
Mine has been home for a couple of days and he's driving me mad already.
Is it forty days and forty nights to go yet? I dont think I can do it and I'm just the Head Master's wife.

03-Jul-04, 13:05
You should have had me as a child - you'd think you were in heaven now!

As my old Headmaster said, "In the interests of the school either I have to leave or you have to leave. Make sure you close the door behind you!"

"BOY - Put the handle back on the door and let me out!" And I wasn't the one he gave the strap to on the day we left! :evil

My advice to Parents is - Remember, Children love holidays with Aunts & Uncles and best of all, Grand-parents.
Grand-parents are favourite because they have usually forgotten the trauma of school holidays! :)

Advice to Teachers? Keep saying, "They grow-up and leave! They grow-up and leave! They grow-up and ........!" or at worst "Strangulation is forbidden! Strangulation is ........" [mad]

04-Jul-04, 21:18
Am I alone in being a parent who loves the school holidays? I count down the days of term time and look forward to spending more time with my kids. I love the lack of routine and being able to play games, read together, go for long walks and generally just potter around together. They just grow up so fast - come on, lets make the most of it.

These "small people" are such fascinating individuals and during term time I think we all get caught up in the rush to get everything done that we don't always notice how their brilliant little personalities are developing. Once they're a bit older we'll hardly see them in the holidays because they will be with their pals all day every day. Cherish these school holidays and enjoy every moment.

05-Jul-04, 06:59
Well said Toodiemac,
I guess most of us above were only joking, but I loved your wise words and trust you and your children wil have a most wonderful holiday.

06-Jul-04, 18:52
2nd day of school hols :D only 41 days til the kids come back and drive me mad!

C'mon sasser, you know there's more than 42 days hols in the US... isn't it more like 80 days??

20-Jul-04, 16:33
Well, well, well. Who rattled the bars on your cage, Mr. Monkey? [lol]

20-Jul-04, 18:54
Father on hearing the children scream.
Dipped them in the stream.
On drowning the third,
He remarked "Children should be seen NOT heard"

Sorry folks could n't resist [lol]

Don't let the rug rats get you..they'll be back to school soon enough and then you'll be wondering what happened to the holidays and why you never got around to all those things you#d planned to do.

20-Jul-04, 20:40
How long is it now? my little brother is driving me mad

20-Jul-04, 22:17
LIZZ, my Grandmother always used warn.

"Children who are seen and not heard have usually been doing something DREADFUL!"