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21-Aug-10, 17:49
been twice now to get my car washed well impressed so booked in today for a mini valet 17.90 and well worth the money cars like brand new inside will deffo do it again :)

21-Aug-10, 18:25
Whenever I pass by "Bubbles" it always seems to be quite busy, and the cars getting "done" always have their doors, bonnets and boots wide open; so I think this just goes to show what an intricate job they do here! ;)

Mines next - definetley ! :D

21-Aug-10, 21:13
Been told they are good also :D

22-Aug-10, 09:47
I have used them for a mini valet and their work couldn`t be faulted. Car was gleaming and it has stayed clean for three weeks now. Will definately use them again.

27-Aug-10, 09:05
does anyone have a price list?

27-Aug-10, 10:00
We recently had our car valeted at Bubbles and they made a fantastic job, the car was gleaming inside and outside.

27-Aug-10, 13:59
Where do I find Bubbles?

27-Aug-10, 14:43
Where the old lochshell garage was,if you come out of wick,passed tesco(not to far) on your left

28-Aug-10, 22:17
Brandy, I posted a price list on the business section about Bubbles. It is on page 2 when i checked just now. Hope that helps.

Walter Ego
28-Aug-10, 23:17
For a standard wash it's certainly well priced.

Every time I use the normal jetwashes the bodywork always has streaks where the brush hasn't taken off the dirt - even though I've invariably stuck 3 in to try and do a decent job.

I took the car to Bubbles and they did a thorough job for a fiver. result in my book.