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21-Aug-10, 11:40
New to the Org and first time posting

Babycham – 14.2 palomino mare approximately 20 ish years old (not sure of age as she was a rescue case) but behaves as a very young 20 ish. 5* home required. She has been ridden but not for a long time and not sure what she can actually do but is good on the roads. Lives out with a rug. Good with farrier etc. Loan to be within 10 miles of Castletown preferably. Call 07765433829. Bred a beautiful foal whilst in our care but her owner has moved South and is having difficulty finding grazing for her horses and is only moving one of them there.

23-Aug-10, 14:54
Bump :)

I know this mare very well and she is lovely :) Shes very gentle and easy to work with and very good looking!! xxx

Stuart Little
23-Aug-10, 20:39
Pm'd you, Looking forward to hearing from you thanks.

23-Aug-10, 20:45
Welcome to the org Tumbledown and i hope you get a nice home for Babycham as she is a gorgeous girl.

24-Aug-10, 10:23
This isn't the best picture of her, but gives you an idea:

http://i356.photobucket.com/albums/oo4/SummersSon/Horse%20Photos/08-06-08Baby2.jpg http://i356.photobucket.com/albums/oo4/SummersSon/Horse%20Photos/08-06-08Baby1.jpg

And this is the lovely foal she produced all grown up now:


30-Aug-10, 19:30
Please remove as mare now on loan