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17-Aug-10, 18:33
Oh dear! :(
Not saying it was rubbish but the Ateam was so much better.
The main players are Stallone and Statham (no complaints there. lol) but Willis and Arnie got such small bit parts it feels as though small roles have been made simply to get the big names 5 minutes of screen time to help sell the film.

It does have it moments however, there's some dry humour chucked in there and the fight scenes can be pretty good.
Basically I'd say wait for the DVD.

18-Aug-10, 10:30
If the Willis and Arnie parts were done by complete unknowns would you have had a better opinion of the film? :confused

27-Dec-10, 23:21
I saw this film in the cinema when it first came out & the atmosphere was electric. I've now got it on dvd & there is no disappointment with the film at all.
The plot, however, is a little hard to follow, (About a bent CIA agent, taking over an island smuggling coke, who needs to be taken out) but the plot focusses heavily about a girl (no surprise really seeing it's based on 80's action) & that I feel is disappointing, but the choreography of the fight scenes is at a totally new level in cinematic history.
Also the actors had to train hard to get in shape for the film, respect goes out there. (Especially Stallone at 64) Plus, it is obvious to see that they really are gelling together as colleagues, actors & friends. They really look like they're enjoying themselves in the movie.
Also Stallone directs the picture, the camera angles & lighting are perfect. (Especially in the scene when Mickey Rourke reflects on Bosnia) A good surprise that an action picture is being portrayed as a cinematic film with the good lighting & camera angles. The clothing & choice of actors also close to perfect. (Apart from Dolph Lundgren who I thought played his part OOT)
Definately worth a watch & definately worth a space on your DVD shelf.