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08-Jul-06, 16:46
Hi there
Just wondering what everone has in their gardens at the mo. If you are like me and only feed in the winter then it wil change from season to season.

At the moment common vistors are
Sparrows with their young
Starlings with their young
Goldfinches with their young.
Hooded Crows
Blackbirds and their young
Meadow pipits
the odd Herring gull if their is scraps of bread on the go
and lots of Sandmartins and Housemartins flying in the air.
Nearly forgot my 2 Dawn chorus favourites
Wren and Songthrush.

08-Jul-06, 19:09
I feed them all year round so always loads!

Sparrow and young
Starlings and young
Greenfinch and young
Occasional siskin
Occasional pigeon
About 30 collared doves!!!
Few blackbirds
Jackdaws, Rooks and Crows which I'm afraid are not welcome as they eat far too much bird food and it's expensive enough as it is!!!

Quite a few gulls in field and also some oyster catchers and curlew.

Has anyone noticed that there are many more sparrows this year than last?

This is a good thing as, apparently, their numbers are in decline.:(

Costing a small fortune in food but lovely to see, and hear, them all (well with the exception of the crows!!!).

10-Jul-06, 01:08
I have had 2 nests in my ivy at the front of the house wall. the second lot have outgrown the nest and one is sitting waiting to be able to fly. I find it fascinating to watch them the father, i presume the black bird is the father and the brownish colour blackbird is the mother, has been an excellent dad always delivering worms to his young and fighting with crows who come in the garden. the nest is below my window and i hear the father chatting to the young ones. Havent seen the mother recently, maybe she has gone with the other young ones. while the last young one sits there, the father has been very caring. they have become very tame and the father will sit and sing to me in the garden. i enjoy all the birds who live in my garden and its well worth the cost of seeds etc.

28-Jul-06, 16:39