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08-Jul-06, 16:42
Don't forget Le Grand Quiz Extraordinaire tonight at 8:30.

It's a day early to accommodate the footie lovers amongst us....I hear they want to watch something special on tv tomorrow. ;)

OK am off to round up some extraordinaire questions and remember BE KIND TO THE QUIZMISTRESS
(extra points will be awarded) [lol]

p.s. google to your hearts content lol

08-Jul-06, 17:24
is it google free :p

08-Jul-06, 23:03
3 cheers for Foxy, the winner and next quizmistress

HIP HIP.....

09-Jul-06, 04:00
A great quiz it was. Thanks sassylass.
And the blether around and after the questions was fabulous. It was like old times! Thanks everyone.

09-Jul-06, 14:53
Darn! I missed it - I'd no idea it was Sat. instead of Sun. night this week. Looking forward to next week with Foxy in the quizzy's chair :D

12-Jul-06, 01:34
How can it be tonight if it was 3 days ago ???

12-Jul-06, 02:29
let me know of the next one lol