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17-Aug-10, 01:25
I am looking for somebody to weed the borders in our garden, front and back. Due to time constraints and personal circumstances we are unable to do the job ourselves. No idea what rate of pay this type of job commands, but we are open to negotiation.

It is a fairly large garden (not overgrown, well kept and weeded quite recently), and a one-off job.

We have tried and tried to get in touch with the gardener who advertises in this forum, Fee, but he won't reply to private messages nor to forum messages - even to say he doesn't want the job - so please don't suggest I contact him.


17-Aug-10, 08:43
There was a post on here the other day i think its on next page of this thread.
RN1995 14 year old lad is looking for a job it might be worth asking if the lad is interested in a bit of work?

17-Aug-10, 10:44
Thanks for that, I did see it but I think he's in Wick though :)

The macs
17-Aug-10, 21:33
Try Alan on 07762802301 admin@jagarden.co.uk
He made a great job of our garden, and was very reasonable :lol:

17-Aug-10, 23:33
Thanks for that, I did see it but I think he's in Wick though :)
So where are you Kiwi?

19-Aug-10, 17:17
Should have said, sorry - we are in Thurso.

Thanks to everyone, all sorted now :)

20-Aug-10, 15:43
Give R&G a call on 07817686839 good job always