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16-Aug-10, 11:50
Testing the Market for a new Motorcycle Valeting Service

I owned a Motorcycle Shop down south and Valeting was a very popular service.

I have 30 years experience working on Italian, Japanese, German and British Motorcycles.

I use only motorcycle specific products to achieve an amazing finish.

New, or nearly new bike? Keep it that way

Older bikes? I can take years off the appearance and protect it into the future.

Show Bike? I can prep for shows but you need to give me a decent lead-time, as I usually have a number of machines to prep.

I have lots of experience working with special parts fitted to quality machines: Öhlins, Showa, Paoli, Termignoni, O.Z., Marchesini etc.

Typical first Valet will take all day and every millimetre of the machine will receive attention.

Subsequent valets will take a little less time and this is reflected in the price.

Valet will include chain clean and re-lube and (accurate) wheel alignment.

Shaft drive will receive a small discount :lol:

Also available:

Brake pads, Discs fitting

Chain and sprocket fitting, yours or I can supply Afam, Renthal, DID etc.

Oil and filter change.

Supply and Fit: ART exhausts (or fit yours)

Scottoiler fitting or removal.

Come to me in Bower or I can come to you. Additional £10 to £15 for mobile service. This work cannot be done outside, so a well lit, dry, garage or similar is needed.

Flat rate £18 per hour + materials or we can negotiate an all in price for a specific job.

PM me for quote or just to blether about your bike.

16-Aug-10, 17:58
I should have mentioned, all kinds of restoration work undertaken.;)

18-Aug-10, 19:42
Thanks for the PMs, I've answered you all individually but I will be in a position to start booking your bikes in next week.

I'll post some pictures shortly as suggested :D

18-Aug-10, 21:43
I have various pics of a Ducati M900 rebuild and a valeted Yamaha Thunderace, but the files are too large to upload. If you would like to see them, PM me with an email address and I will email them to you. :cool:

02-Sep-10, 22:56
Full contact details here now: http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/business.php?id=2460 :cool:

03-Sep-10, 21:38
Sounds like a good idea ducati, hope it takes off as your work is up to a very high standard from what we have seen

Michael and Paula
Viking Motors

03-Sep-10, 22:30
Thanks Guys :D

13-Sep-10, 00:40
Just a quick update on manufacturer, I threatened to supply ART cans, it turns out they went bump a while ago (must update my supplier list :lol:). An alternative/s are under investigation now.

arana negra
13-Sep-10, 22:53
OHHHH I wish you were down here in southern Spain I have a truimph sprint st 955i in need of a valet before advertising for sale.

14-Sep-10, 08:21
Tell you what, send me a ticket and I will be there in a flash :lol:

arana negra
16-Sep-10, 20:39
[lol] when are free I will see what I do

17-Sep-10, 07:27
Hi, I've asked for the business listing to be removed, I've just realised my contact details appear in all kinds of bizarre search strings.

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you :eek::lol:

I'll put up a web page shortly, in the meantime, if you want your bike looking at, just PM me.


23-Sep-10, 18:58
Thought about winterising your bike? If it is staying on the road or being laid up. It's a good idea to replace brake and clutch fluid, drain, flush and refill the cooling system (and check the fan is working). Give the chain a thorough clean, adjust and relube and change the oil/filter and airfilter.

Have fun or give me a call on 01955 600431, or PM me, and I will do it for you (along with a really good clean if you like). :cool:

All the above (except Valet) for £63 plus fluids, oil and filters

23-Oct-10, 14:50

I've not really been persuing this recently, after a lot of initial interest it went a bit quiet and I've been busy with other stuff.

If anyone wants their bike valeting/winterising in the next month, could you let me know ASAP so I can diarise it for you.

If you ask me to do it with a couple of days notice I'll have to disapoint you as I have a lot on :lol:

05-Dec-10, 10:56
Well, not biking weather is it? Mine are safely tucked up in the garage for the duration I think. Italian bikes and salt just don't mix (not unless you want to recover them with a dustpan and brush come the spring).

There will be plenty of you who have taken steps to protect the delicate finishes on your bike, if you are not going to be using it for a couple of months make sure you put them away squeaky clean with a good polish protection for the paint and metal finishes. Be careful if using wax polishes on Ally frames as some of them can irrevocably discolor the finish. Buy a quality Bike specific product.

Plenty of people have plenty of ideas for how to protect the bike when she is laid up, personaly I just take them out every couple of weeks and redo the cleaning and protection.

Whatever you do, make absolutely sure that it is 100% dry before putting any kind of cover on. :D

Oh and don't forget the Optimizer :eek: