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lynne duncan
14-Aug-10, 20:31
had a brilliant two days keeping two very enthusiastic kids busy and this definitely did the job.
quite a few more caches have been added locally and we found four new (to us) ones on thursday and 6 new (to us) today.
i think i was more excited than the kids as two of them were "first to find" ones which meant we were the first finders yeh!!!!

good fun and this really encourages tourists who come with this in mind

this is really good fun "so with coordinates in hand and gps and swaps in pocket" everyone should try will get you hooked quite easily whatever your age

Beat Bug
14-Aug-10, 21:21
I totally agree! Our 10 year old grand daughter is visiting for a fortnight, and we've already done a few. We've also earmarked a few more before she goes home.

17-Sep-10, 18:30
Brill hobby! I started in December last year and now have 63 finds under my belt - i love it (and so do my dogs). It has taken me to places in Caithness that i never knew existed and i have lived here all my life! Walks i would have never walked, hills i would have never climbed, forests i would have never trekked in - highly recommended i'd say!