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12-Aug-10, 17:56
The fact that this movie is based on the true life story of Michael Oher makes it all the more watchable.

A truly inspiring, family film that cannot help but inspire others to reach out and offer help in a selfless act of human compassion.
Obviously the film has been adapted to speed the time line up in order to make it a watchable film but I was so impressed with this film that I checked out just how true to life this film was and I was amazed to find that according to the real life Tuohy family and Oher himself it's a pretty accurate account.

Basically Michael (a Black teenager bought up in a rough neighbourhood) is taken in and eventually adopted by Leigh Anne (succesful interior designer) and Sean Tuohy (American sports presenter).
With their help Michael graduates from a 0.6 grade average to a 2.52 grade average and offered football scholarships by numerous uni's.
He now has a contract with Baltimore Ravens.

Fabulous film not to be missed.

15-Aug-10, 10:23
I just came across your post and had to let you know that I watched that film last night via BT Vision, thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone. :D

20-Aug-10, 20:58
I saw this in the cinema when it came out. I only watched it cause there was nothing else on at the time I arrived there (inverness). Oh and it had Sandra Bullock in it lol

Good film and you don't have to like American Football to enjoy it.

21-Aug-10, 09:17
rented this off itunes, great film :D

21-Aug-10, 11:08
Didn't anybody else find that their fake Tennessee accents just drill into your head and drive you insane?

Probably just me.

21-Aug-10, 16:43
Probably just me.


22-Aug-10, 20:39

Apparently so...