View Full Version : Whos has had the bigger impact on metal Judas Priest or ???

28-Jun-04, 14:25
Yeah i was thinking who has the biggest impact on metal today judas "the metal gods" priest or Iron Maiden?

I think Iron Maiden have stayed true to metal more than priest as some of the 80s priest records sound dated and comercial like songs like " Take on the world", "United", "Living after midnight" etc there are loads more. While maiden only have a few like "wasted years", "can i play with madness". Judas priest did experiment with each album and didn't do the AC/DC syndrom of each album sounding pretty much the same. Priest came to form on Painkiller album and the following release Jugulator! Iron maiden drindle in the 90s with Blaze Bayley fronting them even though in my opinion he did a excellent job on both the x-factor and virtual xi. Since Bruce has come back with Adrian they have become very popular and have had a second chance again and sales are beyond what they could every imagine with brave new world and dance of death selling well over a million world wide each. Pries have been away since 2001 release demoilition, although it was good the fans never accepted Tim Owens and sales were poor. Since priest have reunited with Halford the metal god, and a new album is due in september i think judas priest will hopefully recapture some limelight and show the brittish media that the metal gods aren't gone and that they have had the same impact as iron maiden if not more. Rob Halford is the ultimate metal singer, although Blaze and tim owens are great too.

28-Jun-04, 17:55
Iron midden are far better known as they have had more top ten hits than Priest (dont think they've had one go top ten have they?) but mainly due to the imagery(Eddie sells however many times they try to kill him off!)
Personally I grew up more into maiden than priest ...not that i dont respect the mighty priest(got all the old uns on vinyl/tape !!),but i think Midden have pipped it on this one!

29-Jun-04, 15:43
Aye Iron Maiden been in top 10 loads of times, priest haven't but they have been on top of the pops and the old grey whistle test show quite a few times. Iron Maidens eddie is a huge selling point although the band are abit anoyed at eddie as they think there album sells due to the art work and not the bands music. I agree with you Iron Maiden are better.

09-Aug-04, 19:47
What an arbitrary discussion! It reminds me of the way i talk in the pub.

Maiden had more classic albums. I think Maiden are better but British Steel is superlatively listenable.

14-Aug-04, 11:44
I think Joe Dolce has made a more lasting impression.