View Full Version : Where to find large quantity tree trunk size logs ?

11-Aug-10, 22:21
Does anyone know where it is possible to buy (and have delivered ) a large quantity of tree trunk size logs ? Have tried Forestry Commission and our previous supplier but without success ! Thanks !

12-Aug-10, 20:53
Try Dunnet Forest,they have log sales,look on the web site.You would have to arrange transport.

16-Aug-10, 08:53
Thanks Bo Peep. Unfortunately we don't have transport for wood of that size, so still looking !

Kevin Milkins
16-Aug-10, 16:23
We had a ride up past Kinbrace yesterday, (between Helmsdale and Melvich) and there is a logging operation going on their.

The last few years has been poor for this type of industry and I know several people that have bought a lorry load of logs for the fire.

It may be worth giving the number in the photo a ring.