View Full Version : Ice Cold In Alex

Joe Mclaughlin
11-Aug-10, 22:04
Charming acting, yesteryear manerisms, great story, old fashioned tension and a great ending.;)

11-Aug-10, 23:01
Brilliant film, one of my favorite films.

16-Aug-10, 22:47
The scene at the end with the ice cold beers is a classic,as is the whole film. Good from start to finish.

16-Aug-10, 23:07
The K2 is the star:) can't beat black and white war films

Mystical Potato Head
17-Aug-10, 00:38
The K2 is the star:) can't beat black and white war films

Couldnt agree more,all that stiff upper lip stuff,seriously though,without the special effects of today films back then had to rely on a good compelling story line,in this case,4 people pitched against the elements with the tension building as the adventure progresses.A genuine classic.

Dont know how many times i've seen it but i could probably talk along to most of it.My wife dreads when i put TCM on..lol

Gordon Bonnet
03-Nov-10, 21:12
...and Sylvia smoulders throughout - not just her fags either.
This is a great film. I watched it recently with my 8 y.o. Grandchild who thorougly enjoyed it - she was gripped.
I bought a copy on dvd and the quality was fantastic - how this movie suited monochrome. Colour would have spoiled it in my opinion.

Later, I realised I had it as a newspaper giveway , oh well, now I have two.....I'm sure the child's own collection will benefit from my oversight soon.:cool:

21-Nov-10, 00:09
I have seen this film several times. The first was as a child and it seemed real to me then. I still like it.

You always did have good taste in films percy.