View Full Version : Closed today

11-Aug-10, 20:18
Sorry for any inconvenience caused today as Viking Motors was closed due to having to get tugmistress into wick hospital, been there all day with her but home now so should be open thursday.
Thanks to all hospital staff and doctor in thurso.

11-Aug-10, 20:22
Forget the business, I hope Tuggs is ok :eek: Get well soon Tuggs

11-Aug-10, 20:52
Thanks unicorn, she was nagging me to get back to garage and leave her at wick, but affraid she comes before anything else including me.

11-Aug-10, 20:56
Oh I can just imagine the tongue lashing [lol] what a woman she is :lol:
Tuggs you really do have to remember that sometimes other people Do know better :Razz

11-Aug-10, 21:00
only sometimes unicorn lol but in this case i was glad of the care :D