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11-Aug-10, 14:07
God has a temper tantrum and throws all his toys out the pram (or Angels out of heaven in this case) all because he's lost faith in his "children" due to our tendencies to maim, kill and generally corrupt the world.
Being the ever loving and forgiving Father that he obviously isn't in this film he decides to do us all to death - or rather pass the killing off to those nice, white Angels we all celebrate round Christmas time.
Only these Angels ain't nice and they certainly ain't white, in fact their Gods army of soldiers :confused and they're all wrapped up in Leather and Metal.
Anyways one Angel ( good old Micheal) decides he hasn't lost faith in us mere humans and decides to protect a particular child because apparently the birth of this child means all mankind could be saved blah, blah, blah.
But this means he's gone against Gods wishes so it's the chop for him also - God runs a tight ship and apparently has no fear in getting his "soldiers" to posses mankind and inflict hideous deaths on us or set Angel Gabrielle on to Michael for disobeying He who must not be disobeyed.
Hmmmm, then he wonders where we get it from. ;)

A good film, bit slow in paces though and annoyingly despite being in the presence of a fallen angel no one asks any of the questions that you would think they'd be tripping over themselves to ask!